Entry #1


2013-04-21 07:02:57 by CabbageClock

At the time, it was a big, big willy. Now a flash is happened and people doesn't live anymore. Be wise to this, and get wise to it. The world is not your bake. NOT YOUR BAKE NOW. No fly zone. So suppose I was to tell you this, nude. Me and you and the Grandma. Why you think an elbow drop would work, I just don't know now. Last time it was just selfish, but for once in your life, it's time to take emphasis on things that don't need it, like a.

Good luck in all your future endeavors, except the ones which bring you luck.



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2013-04-21 09:21:51

Except because how? When the if, timing is. We prefer to a splendid ram. The world bake is my! I will. You will. She won't. And because!

No turpentine.

CabbageClock responds:

This is explained simply in 3 movements: forget an issue, and sell a bend. The breads is always the last to know, and should this happen. Don't life. You won't be the last, and the directory is toss.


2013-04-21 13:27:26

kah bah gee

CabbageClock responds:

This makes a sense, but you shouldn't be afraid of what isn't what is not, as we all can yes (or five)


2013-04-21 16:49:00

You are my new god, Cabbage cLOCK.

This small message up there contains all the insights of someone who has fu

CabbageClock responds:

These are what I call "Bring up surround", what if we, for no example, begin? Listen.


2013-04-21 16:50:34

fully lived life, and thus knows what to do with it. In fact, I'm pretty sure that you put up the Fire Of London 666, to show the world how beautiful water is. Then night fell, and light came.

CabbageClock responds:

Generally not a way to treat cruelty. Although they agree, and we can rectify the many problems with egg. Sirens can be felt, and you can taste friends? Lest we be covered and fondled by our old goat fisted fisted. Be it are hum.


2013-04-22 16:26:30

Oh, ok.

CabbageClock responds:

There could be a so confusion. Let it take you by the pride and discuss it with the ancestors of your grandchildren/grand. It will help, only to bastard. Share that kiss.


2013-04-22 20:14:24

That kiss cannot be shared because it is a sacred kiss.

CabbageClock responds:

Expect except. The sooner it can nut, the paper the accidentally (Unless of Hahaha! "frame", second try of it) over if dead body prize. Best.


2013-04-25 14:24:02


(Updated ) CabbageClock responds:

This is what you could respect. Well, I returned a timesheet to house? Laughable! Then the thirstiest time was is.


2013-04-25 16:31:16

Radical paradox.

CabbageClock responds:

Knife in my lips, knife in my cake. But to whom belongs the mauve? Something in a gay basket, anyway. Take it, expand it, two. Don't rape the way out - it is sometimes the only way in.