The Great Pastry Elf

2014-05-08 08:41:57 by CabbageClock

You can't fuck it, so you must be one with the tits.

You can't fuck it, so life on it.



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2014-05-08 08:46:06

O m g

CabbageClock responds:

The healthiest truth always dies, choking on a bit of sausage.


2014-05-08 22:30:13

But, if you could "fuck" it, then you must forfeit the tits.
So... if you fuck it... you die?

CabbageClock responds:

Be whispered into the magnets, like magnets on a girl, and then who knows who knows?


2014-05-09 21:30:56

what does that mean?

explain, or i shall unsheath my sword.


no, my actual sword!

CabbageClock responds:

You are the hum, wise as like! No parody for the Suffolk coast, a wallet full of shit.


2014-05-11 08:20:56


CabbageClock responds:



2014-05-30 14:14:12


CabbageClock responds:

The last fly on the rice cake would take you for a wax, judge it like a cream. Nearly there now, so far, so hats.


2014-05-31 19:33:53

Such insight...

CabbageClock responds:

Is what? Beef? Beef colonic? They laughed and they sprayed eggs at the guts of the devil and left you in a pile of magnolia shoes, and you say this? TO MY WIFE? Lots of love.


2014-06-05 20:25:40

oh, cabbageth clocketh, how you riddle my mind with pointy enigmas!
the enigmas you throw at me sometimes hurt my clavicles, but i fight on, and survive, to ask again!

so, judging from your reply, i am the hum, and i am wise. OR... am i the sam-wise gamsee?!!!
and i live near the suffolk coast, witha wallet full of shit?!
marvelous! epic prediction of my epoch and of my legends to be!

i will accompany frodo in his quest to destroy the ring.

but for the time being... WHAT is a pastry elf, and why i cannot fornicate on it?
answer me, sauron von cabbageseed.

CabbageClock responds:

Part-exchange your belief in birthday, and overcome the overbearing sense of bath. He's done brilliantly for himself, piss-stained hands, ugly.

CHAPS! Fuck trees in the shit mist.


2014-06-18 20:56:02

those CHAPS must always fuck trees, right?!
i begin to understand you.

thats alarming.

(Updated ) CabbageClock responds:

Potatoes are on! Don't forget to burn the face.


2014-06-24 19:10:54

i am wondering.... how can one fuck a pastry elf?!

if someone can achieve this at all....

CabbageClock responds:

Keep in a cool dry place. Keep in a soft, moist episode.


2014-07-08 20:30:22

i ate a pastry elf, and an other one invited me over for sex.
im nervous, what should i do?


2014-07-08 20:31:52

also i burned the face out of the potatoes, they look furious now.