Done it. Done it. Done a shit.

2014-07-06 13:18:04 by CabbageClock


Got that one right over the picture frame. Mary couldn't talk without putting the anticake in the letterbox.

So what else is new? You let me die again. You jumped at the dog and wished it was a dog, and now you've got no dog. They multiplied on impact and now you've just got thick, creamy yoghurt. Doghurt.

Don't make your Dad sad. Make him glad to be had, it's rad.

Tell me something else.



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2014-07-06 13:42:07

I like pie

CabbageClock responds:

Isn't this just a dagger to the heart? To slowly pick away at the butt-hole of an angel without leaving a tip for the ugly girl. She was born without the sense of danger. His nose is sore. They became sisters.


2014-07-06 13:49:44

Roses are red violets are blue you have a youtube
(That took about 2 hours)


2014-07-06 19:30:56 His words are many, and eerily copacetic. Lines of truth, mental antiseptic.... I'm no good at this, but is, though his bones are currently trekking North, for non-electric boogaloos, and bucolic endeavors.


2014-07-06 20:58:46

i am glad to see you again, old friend.

but i do not see any new flash movies from you....and thats a shame.

>: (


2016-04-29 16:52:45

i ate a pancake today.
it tasted like victory, which reminded me of you.

so, hello there cabbage, whats new with you?